[PREMIER LEAGUE] Chelsea sack the manager, Thomas Tuchel!

Chelsea had a shocking lost against Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Champions League. Yeah, Chelsea had to win this game because they will meet even stronger clubs like Milan and RB Salzburg. However, I don’t think this is Tuchel’s fault.

After the Russian owner sold the club to the current owner, Chelsea’s atmosphere keeps getting worse. As a result, they didn’t go through the summer transfer market well. They spent the most money in Europe, but it doesn’t mean they spent it correctly.

Since they started the transfer market late because of the owner changing, they couldn’t prepare the market well. They had to sign a class number 9 striker instead of Aubameyang.

Aubameyang didn’t even try to shoot or dribble at all yesterday. All the attacking points were zero. Sterling was almost same though. If those two forwards played better yesterday, Tuchel wouldn’t be sacked…


Anyway, I think the club will regret sacking him. Tuchel brought the trophy of the 2021 Champions League. How can the club sack him within 1 year with that accomplishment?:( Tuchel’s record in Chelsea was even great, with 62 wins, 19 draws, and 18 losses. I don’t understand the current owner…


And I don’t think there are good managers who can rebound the club right now in the market.

What do you think about this shocking news?


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