[CHAMPIONS LEAGUE] Napoli’s Korean Defender Deleted Liverpool’s Forwards!

Liverpool had the first game of the Champions League against the Italian club, Napoli at Napoli’s home stadium.

Most people predited Liverpool would win against Napoli because Napoli’s total players’ market value is $490.66m and Liverpool’s is $971.30m. Almost double.

Source: Transfermarkt
Source: Transfermarkt

However, Liverpool lost with 1 vs 4. Even though Liverpool’s performance was bad in the Premier League this season, they are still Liverpool and Klopp. However, Napoli’s players were better than Liverpool’s players overall today. Especially, Liverpool’s defender, Joe Gomez was the worst player in Liverpool’s defenders. I think today was the worst game for him since he moved in Liverpool.

In contrast, both Napoli’s defenders played very well against Liverpool’s forwards. Especially, Napoli’s left centre-back, Min Jae Kim played so great. Napoli signed Min Jae Kim as a replacement of Koulibaly who moved to Chelsea in this summer. As you know, how Koulibaly played well in Napoli, many people doubt Min Jae Kim could replace him. However, I would say Min Jae Kim is playing better than Koulibaly right now. Min Jae Kim has already scored 2 goals with header in Ligue 1 in the 5 games. He is play very well in defending and attacking.

Source: KleagueUnited

Let’s look at the stats of Min Jae Kim in today’s game.

Source: Sofascore

He received the highest rating with Reahmani after Zielinski and Anguissa. He won 100% in ground and aerial against Liverpool’s forwards. Especially, he made Salah sent out early.

Min Jae Kim is the best defender in South Korea, even historically I think. However, moving to the big club, Napoli is his first time and he had never met and against the world class forwards. Especially, many people wondered he would win against the world class forwards in the top football league and he showed that he can today. I wonder how he will play if he meets Haaland.

Source: Football Italia

Anyway, I wish Min Jae Kim moves and plays in the Premier League some day as he wishes as well.

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