[CHAMPIONS LEAGUE] Dinamo Zagreb stunned Chelsea!

UEFA Champions League group state has been started today with Chelsea vs Dinamo Zagreb and Dortmund vs Copenhagen.

Straight-up betting was Chelsea and Dortmund. Dortmund won against Copenhagen on 3vs0 as everyone expected, but Chelsea lost against Dinamo on 0vs1 at Dinamo’s home.


Chelsea came out with a 3-4-3. Aubameyang who was just moved to Chelsea from Barcelona was placed in the first team today. Fofana from Leicester City was also placed in the first team.

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Dinamo came out with a 3-1-4-2. FYI, Dinamo Zagreb is a Croatian football club. They are the most successful club in Croatian football. It is a former club of Modric from Real Madrid.

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Modric in Dinamo

What happened to Chelsea?!

Chelsea’s global football clubs ranking is 5th and Dinamo’s ranking is 34th. That’s why everyone expected Chelsea would win and the club won against West Ham last week that led to a good atmosphere.


Overall, Chelsea overwhelmed the game with possession 69% and Dinamo’s 31% possession. Chelsea made 15 shots but only 3 shots on target. They couldn’t even shoot much in the box. Dinamo’s defenders played very well, but Chelsea’s forwards played very bad today. Chelsea had to sign a classic striker instead of Aubameyang…

Chelsea was stunned by just one counter attack from Dinamo.

At 13 minutes, Chelsea jad everyone in Dinamo’s half and Dinamo’s midfielder Ljubicic suceed to cut out the ball and passed to Dinamo’s striker, Orsic who was running in. Orsic drove out from the half line and finished lovely. Fofana was following him behind, but Fofana was slower than Orsic.

After the goal, Chelsea focused on attack, but couldn’t dig through the defenders and goalkeeper. Dinamo’s goalkeeper, Livakovic did very well today as well.

Chelsea will against RB Salzburg and Milan as the next clubs in the Champions League which are even stronger than Dinamo Zagreb. Chelsea had to win against Dinamo if they would go to the next stage in the Champions League or they will go down to the Europa League.

Do you think Chelsea would rebound?

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