[TRANSFER NEWS] The most top spending club in this summer!

The summer transfer market was just closed yesterday. Which European club spent most in this summer? The answer is Chelsea.

Source: LiveScore

As we all know, Chelsea was having trouble with their former Russian owner, so the owner sold it to the new owner, Todd Boehly who is a part owner of LA Dodgers on May, 2022.

Chelsea’s new owner
Source: Bloomberg

That’s why the club was so messy and couldn’t prepare the summer transfer market in advance. They spent money most, but it doesn’t mean they spent it effectively.

They signed only Sterling and Koulibaly before the 2022 season started. Cucurella was signed one day before the first game, so he wasn’t even registered. Anyway, their performance in the beginning of the season was not that good, so they decided to sign more players. However, it was too late, as a result, they had to overpay for players. They paid for Fofana and Cucurella almost over double fees of their current market value.

Source: Transfermarkt

Fofana’s current market value is $44m and they paid $88.44m to Leicester City.

Fofana’s current market value
Source: Transfermarkt

Cucurella’s current market value is $30.80m and they paid $71.83m to Brighton.

Cucurella’s current market value
Source: Transfermarkt

Yeah, they weren’t smart, but there were no other options. I guess this season will be tough for Chelsea and Tuchel.

We’ll see what rank they will end up with this season.

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