[TRANSFER NEWS] Chelsea and Liverpool Last Minute Transfers

Today is the last day of the transfer market this summer. Many clubs are rushing to sign players that they really needed at the last minute. For example, Chelsea really needed to sign a striker since Lukaku and Werner are gone. They had no strikers at all. Liverpool really needed to sign another midfielder since Thiago is always injured and other midfielders are not truthful. Both clubs signed players in positions where they needed them, but I don’t think they are good signs. Who did they sign?


Source: Fabrizio Romano’s Facebook

According to Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea signed Pierre Aubameyang from Barcelona and sent Marcos Alonso to Barcelona. Chelsea will pay $14m. Aubameyang’s current market value is $16.50m so it is a good deal. However, as you know, Aubameyang got forced to release from Arsenal because he ruined the ambiance of the team. I think he will do the same thing in Chelsea, but I guess Chelsea had no other choices. If they moved earlier, they might have other better choices, but well, that won’t work.

Anyway, he made 18 appearances and scored 11 goals and 1 assist. I would say pretty great performance. I heard he didn’t want to leave Barcelona, but I think he decided to do so because he is the second option in Barcelona after Lewandowski. He can be the first option in Chelsea at least this season.

How do you like this signing??

Why Chelsea signed Aubameyang?
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Source: Fabrizio Romano’s Facebook

According to Fabrizio Romano, Liverpool signed Arthur Melo from Juventus on a loan deal until June 2023. To be honest, I have never heard of him. When I researched on him, Melo signed him for $83.60m from Barcelona to Juventus in 2020. It was their big investment, but it failed so badly. He made 48 appearances and scored 3 goals and 4 assists. Why was he so expensive? I don’t get it…

Anyway, he is not the first team in Juventus and not even the second option in this season, so the club decided to let him go. I think Liverpool knew it so they signed him as a loan without any buy option. They are going to just use him for this season only. I guess he is getting a big salary with that big transfer fee. I feel he is in exactly the same situation as Ndombele, hard to dispose of. I showed many Juventus fans are very happy that he left Juventus haha. Yeah, I think he is not a good option, but Liverpool had no choice. They will just use him for this season only and sign Bellingham who is the first dream signing for the club in the next season. How do you rate this signing?

Who is Arthur Melo?
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