[PLAYER’S INFO] Player who is out of favor with Conte; Sergio Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon was playing in the first team of Tottenham before he got injured on Apr 2022. Other wing-backs occupied his position while he was being injured. After he got back, his side was gone. In the first place, his play style is not the current Tottenham manager, Conte’s favorite. Conte likes wing-backs who have a great physical so they can play in the box. A typical example, Perisic, Marcos Alonso, and Victor Moses. Reguilon couldn’t fight in the box against EPL defenders who have a great physical. He is still a great full-back, but not as a wing-back. Therefore, Reguilon is going to Atletico Marid as a loan for this entire season. I think while Conte is managing Tottenham, he won’t play in the club. He might keep going on a loan or being sold. Now, you might wonder when Reguilon came to Tottenham and who he is. I will show you his life in this post. Let’s get it!!

Source: Atletico de Madrid

Sergio Reguilon is 25-year-old, a Spanish football player who plays as a left full-back. He was born in Madrid, Spain. He joined Real Madrid’s youth setup in 2005 when he was age of 8. Yeah, Real Madrid realized his great potential. In 2015, he was loaned to UD Logrones that was in the Spanish football league, Segunda Division B. He made his senior debut on August 2015. He returned to Logrones again in a one-year loan deal in 2016. He made 43 appearances, and scored 8 goals throughout 2015-17 in Logrones.

Reguilon at Logrones
Source: AS

He finally got promoted to the main squad of Real Madrid in 2018. Reguilon made his professional debut on October 2018. However, at that time, the world-class, Marcelo was playing as the first left-back, Reguilon didn’t have much chances. He made 22 appearances, and he wasn’t happy with that so he decided to play in other club where he can play more.

Reguilon at Real Madrid

Reguilon was loaned to Sevilla for the 2019-20. He made 31 appearances and played pretty great. He contributed the club to won the 2019-20 UEFA Europa League.

Reguilon at Sevilla
Source: Marca

Therefore, Tottenham approached to Real Madrid to buy him. At that time, Danny Rose was the first team as a left-back and Ben Davies was back-up. Rose was getting old, as a result, his performance was decreasing. Tottenham decided to buy a young left full-back who was Reguilon. In 2020, Tottenham signed a $33m on a five-year contract with a $27.5m buy-back clause. He played as the first team made 67 appearances. His performance was pretty good in Tottenham. Many Koreans loved him because he respected Heung Min Son, but his wasn’t favor of Conte unfortunately.

Reguilon with Heung Min Son
Source: Sky Sports

He made some critical mistakes in defensing, but he is still young and I am pretty sure he will play well in other clubs.

I wish he succeed!

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