[PREMIER LEAGUE] Man City vs Crystal Palace

Man City had a game against Crystal Palace today as the fourth week. As many as 6 goals were scored in this game, Man City scored 4 goals and Crystal Palace scored 2 goals. Overall, Man City had much higher possesion than Crystal, but Crystal scored 2 goals in the first half time, so I thought Crystal Palace would stun Man City. However, Man City showed why they are a big club.


Man City came up with 4-3-3 as usual.

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Crystal Palace came up with 5-4-1, very defensive formation. They would focus on defending and counter attack. Crystal’s star player, Wilfried Zaha was absent because of injury.

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Crystal’s first goal:

Crystal started with Man City’s defender, John Stones’s own goal at early in the first half game at 4 minutes. Crystal’s left winger, Eze sent in a dangerous free-kick and the ball deflected off Walker, onto Stones, and into the back of the next.

Crystal’s second goal:

Crystal’s another goal was scored from the corner at 21 minutes. Eze also sent in another dangerous corner kick and Crystal’s defender, Andersen scored with his head into the net. Great starting with Crystal!

Man City’s first goal:

Man City started to beat up Crystal in the second half game. At 53 minutes, Bernardo Silva scored with a beautiful driving out to the edge of the box and then cuts the ball towards the near post and a deflection wrong-foots of Crystal’s defender, Guaita. It was a kind of luck goal, but Silva’s amazing dribbling made it. His form is amazing since the last season. That’s why Barcelona is really desiring to sign him.

Man City’s second goal:

Man City’s second goal was started from De Bruyne’s cross. Man City’s next Aguro, Julian Alvares who substituted with Mahrez, head back the goal from the cross, and the ball went to Foden, then he deliver a fine cross to Haaland who was cutting in. Haaland’s cutting in movement was great and finished well with his head. This is why Man City signed him!

Man City’s third goal:

Haaland scored another goal at 69 minutes! Man City took a quick corner and Silva one-two passed with Alvares and cut it back to Stones. Stones’ shots luckly went to Haaland who was located from two yards out and put it easily. It was Haaland’s day!

Man City’s last goal:

Haaland finished his first hat trick in EPL at 81 minutes! Gundogan passed the ball to Haaland and he just pushed in against Crystal’s defender, Ward and finished with a fine shot. Ward might feel humiliated haha. What a monster striker!!! Haaland scored 6 goals in the 4 games already. Damn, he could be the top scorer in his first season of the Premier League.


With Haalnd’s hat trick, Man City won 3 games, 1 drawed, total 10 points, and ranked 2th. Crystal Palace lost 2 games, 1 won, 1 drawed, total 4 points, and ranked 13th.

What a good starting for Man City and Haaland!

If Man City didn’t sign Haaland, Man City might lose again against Crystal Palace like the last season.

Do you think Haaland would be the top scorer in this season?

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