[PREMIER LEAGUE] Chelsea vs Leicerster City Match Report

The fourth round of match week have been started today. In this post, I would share a match report of Chelsea and Leicerster City.


Chelsea came out with 4 backs, 4-4-2 today because Koulibaly received the red card from the last game.

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Leicerster City came out with 4-1-4-1 formation. Leicerster’s key player, James Maddison was absent because of injury and a key defender, Fofana moved to Chelsea. You will see Fofana in Chelsea’s side in the next game.

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Gallagher’s Nightmare:

I thought Leicerster City would win since Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher got a red card pretty early at 28 minutes. Gallagher received the first yellow card when he tried to stop Leicerster City’s midfielder, Dewsbury-Hall. Gallagher’s nightmare play just came only 6 minutes after. After Chelsea’s corner, Leicerster had a great chance to counter attack by Leicerster’s winger, Harvey Barnes. Gallagher had to stop him with his second yellow card. I think Gallagher had to just let Barnes go since he has already one yellow card. It is a lack of experience… Gallagher did very well in Crystal Palace as a loan, so Chelsea decided to keep him in this season. However, it seems not a good choice for Chelsea so far. He needs to gain more experiences.

Chelsea’s First Goal:

Chelsea had to play with only 10 players, but Chelsea overwhelmed Leicerster City, then Chelsea’s forward, Raheem Sterling scored his first goal at 47 minutes, very early time in the second half game. Chelsea’s full-back, Cucurella passed the ball to Sterling on the edge of the box, Sterling shooted. It took a nick off Leicerster’s defender, Amartey, sending it looping over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. It was really a lucky goal for Chelsea.

Chelsea’s first goal
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Chelsea’s Second Goal:

Sterling scored his second goal at 63 minutes. Chelsea, right full-back, Reece James, could deliever a great cross pass through all the Leicerster’s defenders and goalkeeper after playing a quick one-two pass with Chelsea’s midfielder, Havertz, and James’s strong cross directly went to Sterling and it was very easy to finish to him.

Sterling’s second goal
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Leicerster’s Catch-Up Goal:

Harvey Barnes scored the catch-up goal at 66 minutes. Leicerster’s striker, Vardy gave a great pass to Barnes and he finished very well under Chelsea’s defender, Silva’s nose.


Overall, Chelsea’s performance was much better with 10 players than 11 players of Leicerster City. I think only Vardy and Barnes played well in the game from Leicerster. What happened to them… Maddion and Fofana’s absent seem a serious problem…

James Maddison
Wesley Fofana

Anyway, Chelsea won 2 games, 1 drawed, 1 lost, total 7 points, and ranked 6th. Leicerster lost 3 games, 1 drawed, total 1 point, and ranked 19th. Leicerster is facing a huge crisis.

Do you think Leicerster would bound back?

Chelsea vs Leicester City (2:1)
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