[PREMIER LEAGUE] Arsenal vs Fulham Match Report

Arsenal had a game against Fulham in the fourth week of the Premier League today. Fulham’s key striker, Aleksandar Mitrovic was making Arsenal tough, but Arsenal got through it.


Arsenal came up with 4-2-3-1. Since Zinchenko was injuried, Tierney was in the first team instead.

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Fulham came up with 4-2-3-1.

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First half time:

Any scores didn’t happen in the first half game. Arsenal had a couple of good chances, but they couldn’t finish it. Overall, Arsenal led the game, and Fulham couldn’t make any shots on target in the first half. I think Fulham needs to sign more attackers. Only Mitrovic played well from the attackers and Arsenal’s performance is really great in this season.

Fulham’s first goal (feat. Garbriel Magalhaes’s deadly mistake):

Garbriel received a long pass from Saka in the Arsenal’s box, but he hold the ball too long, and Mitrovic pressured him so hard and succeeded to steal his ball, then scored at 56 minutes. Garbriel Magalhaes had to roll off the ball, but it ended up with a deadly mistake.

Arsenal’s first goal (feat. Arteta’s gambling):

After Arsenal got scored, Arteta decided to play more aggressive. Therefore, he took out Tierney and place another forward, Nketiah, and make the formation 3 backs at 61 minutes. I thought his gambling would mess up his team, but it didn’t take long to realize that I was wrong!

At 64 minutes, Saka drived out to the box and passed it to Odegaard, and he shot the ball that deflected on Fulham’s wrong foot, and straight into the net. It was a quite lucky goal, but adding another forward in the middle could make space for Odegaard to shot.

Arsenal’s second goal:

At 85 minutes, Arsenal had a corn kick from the left edge by Martinelli, and the ball fall into the center of the box, so Fulham’s goalkeeper, Leno tried to touch the ball. However, the ball fall to in front of Garbriel Magalhaes to finish it easily.

Garbriel Magalhaes became a hero from a villain.


Fulham’s Mitrovic had a couple of more great chances, but if Arsenal just defenses him, other attacker couldn’t do anything. Fulham needs to figure out how to use other attackers. Mitrovic scored 4 goals out of 6 goals from Fulham. They are depending on him too much.

Arsenal could be stunned by Mitrovic, but Arteta’s gambling tactic saved Arsenal.

As a result, Arsenal won 4 games, total 12 points, and ranked 1st so far. What a great start of the season!

What do you think what rank Arsenal would end up in this season?

Arsenal vs Fulham
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