[PREMIER] Liverpool vs Man United; who would have expected it?

The England Football League, Premier League, had the last game of the 3rd match week, Liverpool vs Man United, today. I am pretty sure everyone would have expected Liverpool stuns Man United so badly because Liverpool was not losing in 21 games in EPL. Liverpool lost to Leicester City at 0:1 on Dec 28, 2021, and after the game, Liverpool had never lost in the Premier League. Additionally, Man United got 4 goals from Brentford and lost in the last game, also lost to Brighton in the first game.

Guess what? Man United scored 2 goals verse 1 goal from Liverpool. What happened to Man United and Liverpool!!!

Man United’s formation was 4-2-3-1 and didn’t place Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, and Cristiano Ronaldo in the first-team squad. They played very bad in the last game, so the manager, Erik Ten Hag, made a bold choice and it worked!

Liverpool’s formation was 4-3-3. Since Darwin Nunez got a red card from the last game, he couldn’t be present.

At 16 minutes, Man U’s left full-back, Malacia passed to right winger, Sancho who was in the box, and Sancho skipped past Liverpool’s midfielder, Milner, and finished very calmly.

Man U’s first goal
Source: NBC Sports

Man U made a substitution of right winger, Elanga to Striker, Martial because Elanga picked up a knock in the first half at 46 minutes. At 53 minutes, Liverpool’s midfielder Henderson missed a mid-air ball and the ball went to Martial. He skipped past Liverpool’s Van Dijk and through pass to Man U’s winger, Rashford who was running forward, and Rashford finished so well!! I can’t still believe it. Are they the same Rashford and Martial from the last season? They seemed totally different players. What happened to them?!

Man U’s second goal
Source: NBC Sports

Anyway, at 81 minutes, Liverpool finally followed up with 1 goal from Liverpool’s right winger, Salah. The ball was crossing from Liverpool’s right full-back, Alexander-Arnold and Man U’s goalkeeper punched the ball, but it went to Salah and he finished it. Liverpool pushed hard to follow up another goal but failed.

Liverpool’s first goal
Source: NBC Sports

What happened to Man United?

I would say the player in the match is Malacia. Malacia was defending Salah and Arnold very well. As you know, Liverpool’s right line, Salah + Henderson + Arnold is very strong, but Henderson and Arnold looked tired. Henderson is getting old, so his form is decreasing since the last season. I have no idea why Arnold was sluggish today, but Salah was still alive. If Luke Shaw was placed instead of Malacia, I think Salah would score at least one more goal. Varane was placed instead of Maguire, and he played very well today. Man United’s strikers and wingers played pretty great. I think it is time to sell Ronaldo, Maguire, and Shaw haha.

Source: The Guardian

What is going on Liverpool?

I think Liverpool’s biggest problem is midfielders. I don’t think Milner and Elliott are enough to be placed in the first-team squad of Liverpool and Henderson is decreasing. Only Thiago is the world-class midfielder in Liverpool, but he is always getting injuries. Liverpool has to sign midfielder as soon as possible.

Liverpool’s midfielders; Thiago, Fabinho, and Henderson

Another concern is the striker. Since Nunez still can’t be placed in the next 2 two games and Jota is injured, there is only Firmino left as a striker. However, Firmino’s condition is also decreasing. Klopp is getting headaches…

Nunez is getting the red card
Firmino is getting old…

As result, Man United finally won 1 game this season, so total of 3 points with 2 lost, and ranked 14th. Liverpool drew 2 games, 1 lost, so total of 2 points, and ranked 16th. We are watching a lot of surprise results in EPL which is the best part of the league.

Who would you pick for MVP and worst player from the game?

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No one saw this coming though.
I think the presence of Ronaldo in the United team affects the player’s decisions. I saw Bruno Fernandes trying to make passes to Ronaldo in tight corners when there was obviously a better option.
As for Liverpool, their loss of ManĂ© is just beginning to affect them. The work rate of ManĂ© in this Liverpool team hasn’t been emphasized enough. In fact, Liverpool were unwise to let him go at his peak.
All in all, I’m very happy for United on getting the win.

I would pick Fernandes for the worst player from Man United in that game haha. Yeah, lossing Mane seems really big to Liverpool so far. Nunes had to cover him, but not at all so far.

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