[PREMIER LEAGUE] Man City vs Newcastle – Football Match Report; Draw

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Today, there was another interesting game, Man City vs Newcastle in Newcastle’s home. People call it “Oil Money” game since both clubs are managed by Arab and Saudi. Anyway, both team’s formation was same 4-3-3 in the game. I expected Man City would easily beat up Newcastle because Newcastle was ranked 11th and Man City ranked 1th in the last season. Man City even signed a striker, Haaland in this season which was one of the weak point of Man City. Man City became stronger than last season. Of course, Newcastle also signed a couple of players including a goalkeeper, Nick Pope who played very well in this game, but Man City is still stronger. However, they were drawed with 3:3 at the end.

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Source: Google

Man City’s midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan scored very early in the game at 5 minutes. Another Man City’s midfielder, Bernardo Silva, delivered a beautiful cross to Gundogan in the box, and the Newcastle’s defenders missed him, so Gundogan had a very great chance and scored very easily. Man City was overwhelming until 10 minutes, but Newcastle started to concentrate after the 10 minutes.

Man City’s early first goal
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At 28 minutes, Newcastle’s winger, Allan Saint-Maximin, delivered a dangerous cross into the box after skipping past Man City’s full-back, Kyle Walker with an awesome ball controlling, then Newcastle’s winger, Miguel Almiron scored with his thigh.

Newcastle’s first goal
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Another Newcastle’s goal was occurred at 39 minutes. It was another counter attck, Saint-Maximin also made this goal. Saint-Maximin was driving in front of Man City’s Centre-back, Jone Stone, and killer pass it to Newcastle’s Striker, Callum Wilson, finished it very very well.

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Newcastle’s third goal was made by Newcastle’s full-back, Kieran Trippier’s wonderful free-kick at 54 minutes. Saint-Maximin was also invloved in this goal. He was driving in front of Man City’s box, so Stone stopped him by tackling, but his tackle led to foul and a yellow card. The free-kick was in a very good position and Trippier scored it with a beautiful angle. At that moment, I thought Newcastle would beat up Man City.

Newcastle’s third goal
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However, Man City had a super hero, Kevin De Bruyne. At 60 minutes, the corner kick was taken short to De Bruyne and he delivered a great cross into the far post and Rodri passed it to Haaland, then Haaland finished it with volleys. If it was Sterling, then he wouldn’t finish it haha. Great signing!

Man City’s second goal
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Man City’s third goal was scored at 64 minutes. Super Hero, De Bruyne cut and opened 3 Newcastle’s players with a through pass to Silva and he finished it very well. What a beatiful through pass!!

Man City’s third goal
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Trippier was able to lead Newcastle to lose by getting a red card. At 76 minutes, Super Hero, De Bruyne skipped past Trippier with a beautiful touch, and Trippier had to force to stop him by a sliding tackle. The sliding tackle seemed very dangerous, so the referee gave him a direct red card. However, the referee reviewed the sliding tackle again with a VAR, and changed to a yellow card. If Trippier got the red card, then Man City would score another goal for sure.

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Today’s player of the match was I would said absolutely Saint-Maximin. He was involved in all the 3 goals, and made most assits, most key passes, most dribble suceeds, and most fouls against. He was Messi today.

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The worst player of the match was I would said Kyle Walker because he missed out Saint-Maximin too many times. As he getting old, I think Man City needs to look for another a right full-back.


At the end, Man City won 2 games, 1 draw, total 7 points, and ranked 2th. Newcastle won 1 game, 2 draws, total 5 points, and ranked 6th. I thought Man City will beat up all the Premier League’s teams in this season, but I guess not haha.

Who would pick for the player of the match and worst of the match?

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