[PREMIER LEAGUE] Chelsea lost to Leeds United in 20 years!!

The Premier League had a football game with Chelsea against Leeds United today. Chelsea brought up 4-2-3-1 lineup verse Everyone might expect Chelsea wins to Leeds United because Chelsea’s performance against Tottenham was very good. Unfortunately, Leeds United won to Chelsea with score 3:0.

Leeds United’s first team lineup
Chelsea’s first team lineup
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Leeds United’s attacking midfielder, Brenden Aaronson pressed Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Mendy in the box, and Mendy couldn’t keep his ball. This is a weakness of Mendy, he is great in goal keeping, but not ball controlling. Anyway, Aaronson successfully stole the ball from Mendy, and scored at 33 minutes.

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The next goal was occurred from a free kick in very good position at 37 minutes. Chelsea’s winger, Sterling made a foul in the right on the edge of the penalty area. Leeds United’s left winger, Jack Harrison delivered a ball very beautifully and Leeds United’s striker, Rodrigo Moreno scored with his head into the right corner of the net. Leeds United already made 2 goals against Chelsea within 37 minutes!

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The third goal was occurred in the Chelsea’s box at 69 minutes. Leeds United’s right winger, Daniel James delivered a great cross from the left on the edge outside of the box, and Rodrigo passed it to Harrison, and Harrison made a great finishing with sliding. Rodrigo’s pass was a kind of long, but Harrison successfully touched it and went into the net. What a quick reaction!

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Another shock moment in the today’s game was Chelsea’s new defender Kalidou Koulibaly got a first red card in the Premier League. Koulibaly received his first yellow at 9 minutes, early in game. Aaronson skipped past Koulibaly with smooth dribble, and Koulibaly had to stopped him by pulling his shirt. Koulibaly received the second yellow card at 84 minutes. Leeds United made a substitute Rodrigo Moreno with Joe Gelhardt at 83 minutes, and Gelhardt was trying to skipped past Koulibaly, and the defender pulled Gelhardt down with his arm, in results, the second yellow and the red card. Overall, Koulibaly was in trouble with defending attackers who are fast.

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The biggest today’s weakest point was Chelsea’s defensive midfielder, N’Golo Kante was not present in the game because of injury. Instead of Kante, Chelsea’s midfielder, Conor Gallagher was placed in the first team squad, but he couldn’t cover Kante’s role, and Chelsea’s manger, Tuchel had to substitute Gallagher at 64 minutes to Pulisic. Gallagher played very well while he was in Crystal Palace as a loan, so Chelsea decided to keep him. However, I think Chelsea had to sign another defensive midfielder who can cover Kante. Kante is still one of the best defensive midfielder, but getting injuries often these days because he is getting older. Or Chelsea’s another midfielder, Jorginho had to cover the middle side well, but he played bad, either, in facts, Tuchel substituted him to Ziyech at 64 minutes. Overall, Gallagher, Jorginho, and another Chelsea’s midfielder, Mount, were in trouble with high pressing from Leeds United.

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I think if Kante was in that game, he could defense either Aaronson or Rodrigo, then Koulibaly won’t receive the red card. Anyway, Chelsea lost to Leeds United in 20 years since Leeds scored 2 goals against Chelsea in the 2002-3 season. In results, Leeds was ranked 3th with 2 won, 1 draw, and 7 points total in 3 games. Chelsea was ranked 12th with 1 won, 1 draw, 1 lost, and 4 points total in 3 games.

Leeds won to Chelsea in the 2002-3 season; Source: Premier League’s Website

What would bring up Chelsea to rebound?

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