[PREMIER LEAGUE] 2nd Matchweek’s Summarization

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In this post, the 2nd week of the matchday in the Premier League was finished yesterday, so I wanted to summarize it would be fun. They had a couple of fun dramas to review last week. Okay, let’s get it!!!

1. Aston Villa vs Everton

2 : 1

It was a match of legends of midfielders from EPL, Steven Gerrard of Villa’s manager and Frank Lampard of Everton’s manager. Everyone knows how they did well while Gerrard was playing in Liverpool and Lampard was playing in Chelsea. That’s why everyone was paying attention to this game. In result, Aston Villa won against Everton with 2 vs 1 scores. Danny Ings scored at 31 minutes and Emi Buendia scored at 86 minutes from Villa. Lucas Digne was trying to roll off the ball from Amadou Onana of Everton, but the ball became scored at 87 minutes. Digne had no choice because Everton’s player was right beside him. If Digne didn’t touch the ball then, the Everton’s player would score it easily. Aston Villa won 1 game and lost 1 game, 3 points in total, ranked 9th so far. Everton lost 2 games so far, 0 point, ranked 18th in total.

2. Southampton vs Leeds United

2 : 2

Each of them scored 2 goals, draw in result. Jeo Arbio scored at 72 minutes and Kyle Walker-Peters at 81 minutes from Southampton. Rodrigo Moreno scored at 46 minutes and 60 minutes from Leeds United. Leeds United played better, they had 58% of possession against 42% from Southampton. Therefore, Leeds United scored 2 goals first, but Southampton followed up with 2 goals later. I guess Southampton’s mentality and team work was better. Leeds United drawed 1 game, won 1 game, 3 points and ranked 6th so far. Southampton drawed 1 game, lost 1 game, 1 point and ranked 17th so far.

3. Arsenal vs Leicerster City

4 : 2

Arsenal won against Leicerster City with 4 goals vs 2 goals. The Arsenal’s new transferred player in this season, Gabriel Jesus scored 2 goals at 23 minutes and at 35 minutes. Granit Xhaka scored at 55 minutes and Gabriel Martinelli scored at 75 minutes from Arsenal. William Saliba scored own goal and James Maddison scored in 74 minutes. Leicerster City controlled more comparing 51% of possession from Leicerster City and 49% from Arsenal, but got scored twice by Jesus in the early game was big. Jesus’s finishing was also great, but Leicerster City’s defensers could defense him as well. Arsenal (4 goals difference) won 2 games, 6 points, and ranked 2nd after Man City (6 goals difference) so far. Leicester City lost 1 game, drawed 1 game, 1 point, and ranked 15th so far. Signing Gabriel Jesus from Man Ciy is working wonderful so far!

4. Brighton vs Newcastle

0 : 0

They didn’t score any goals. Brighton controlled the game more with 55% possession, but their finish was not good enough. Brighton made 13 shots and 7 shots on target comparing Newcastle made 4 shots and 1 shot on target in total. Brighton may need to sign a better striker. Brighton won 1 game, 1 draw, 3 points, and ranked 8th so far. Newcastle won 1 game, 1 draw, 3 points, and ranked 5th so far.

5. Man City vs Bournemouth

4 : 0

Everyone knew Man City would beat Bournemouth very bad since Bournemouth just came back from the Championship. Yeah, Man City did, they scored 4 goals against Bournemouth. Ilkay Gundogan scored at 19 minutes, Kevin De Bruyne scored at 31 minutes, Phil Foden scored at 37 minutes, Jefferson Lerma from Bournemouth scored own goal at 79 minutes. Man City made 19 shots vs 3 shots from Bournemouth and Man City also made 67% possesion. Man City definitely controlled the whole game. Especially, Kevin De Bruyne’s goal was wonderful. Bournemouth couldn’t do anything with Kevin’s goal. Man City won 2 games, 6 points, and ranked 1th so far. Bournemouth won 1 game, lost 1 game, and ranked 11th so far.

6. Wolves vs Fulham

0 : 0

They didn’t made any goals. Aleksandar Mitrovic scored twice against Liverpool, but not this time. Fulham made 9 shots and 3 shots on target, comparing Wolves made 7 shots and 1 shot on target. Wolves made 60% of possession, but less shots. Wolves did better making in their middle side, but couldn’t made it to finish. Wolves drawed 1 game, lost 1 game, 1 point, and ranked 14th so far. Fulham drawed 2 games, 2 points, and ranked 13th so far.

7. Brentford vs Man United

4 : 0

This game was ended with the most shocked result in the week. Brentford scored 4 goals against Man United. Man United even got scored the goals within 35 minutes of the first half. Man United lost against Brentford for the tim in 86 years after they lost 4-0 against Brentford in the 1936-37 season. Man United lost 2 games in the first two games, is also the first time since 1936.

Man United is starting a horrible season. It was a nightmare to Man United. Josh Dasilva scored in 10 minutes, Mathias Jensen scored at 18 minutes, Ben Mee scored at 30 minutes, and Bryan Mbeumo scored at 35 minutes. If you watch the game, Man United’s goalkeeper, De Gea made too many mistakes and Man United’s defender Maguire was too slow against Brentford’s attackers. I think the Man United’s new manager Erick Ten Hag was thinking he would replace the whole team during the game. In a result, Man United lost 2 game, 0 point, and ranked 20th out of 20 clubs. Brentford won 1 game, 1 draw, 4 points, and ranked 3th so far. Man United definitely needs to be rebuilded.

8. Nottingham Forest vs West Ham

1 : 0

Nottingham Forest scored 1 goal against West Ham was surprised because Nottingham was just promoted from the Championship. Of course, Nottingham signed many new players, but West Ham was ranked 7th in the last season. Nottingham has been signing 15 new players so far, comparing 5 new signing with West Ham. They really want to stay in EPL, but their first game was not that good. They lost the first game against Newcastle. Do you think Newcastle would be ranked higher than West Ham? It would be awful to West Ham’s fans.

Anyway, Nottingham’s striker Taiwo Awoniyi scored at 47 minutes in the first half.

9. Chelsea vs Tottenham

2 : 2

This game was the funnest game in the week because the two managers, Conte from Tottenham and Tuchel from Chelsea got red cards. They won’t be standing in the next game. Both clubs scored 2 goals each. Kalidou Koulibaly scored at 19 minutes with wonderful volley goal as his first goal in Chelsea and Reece James scored at 77 minutes. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg scored at 68 minutes and Harry Kane scored at 96 minutes very at the end of the game from Tottenham.

The referee for this game was Anthony Taylor, made many bad calls. The critical bad call was that Tottenham’s defender Romero pull down Chelsea’s new wing back, Cucurella’s long hair right in front of Taylor during Tottenham’s corner kick which led to Kane’s late goal, but Taylor said he didn’t see it IAMO. I think he didn’t want to he it because Cucurella has a lot of hair comparing Taylor’s bald hair. I am just kidding haha. Anyway, if Taylor saw it, then Romero would get a yellow card and the corner kick would be cancelled, then the last goal won’t be happened.

By the way, the VAR didn’t do anything with it because it wasn’t concerned on the last goal. The drama was not the last goal, but the two manager got a yellow card right after the Hojbjerg’s goal. When Hojbjerg was shooting, Tottenham’s new striker, Richarlison was in off-side position and was blocking Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Mendy’s vision a little bit. If a player is in off-side position, concerned on a goal, it could be called off-side and the goal would be cancelled. Tuchel was arguing with it and Conte refuted it. They were yelling at each other and Taylor had to gave both of them a yellow card.

The 2nd yellow cards on the two managers were happened right after the game ends. After the game ended, the two managers were shaking their hands, and Conte was trying to passing Tuchel away after the shaking hands, but Tuchel didn’t let go his hand because Tuchel asserted Conte didn’t make an eye contact on Tuchel. Therefore, Conte’s arm was vent and they were yelling at each other again, in result, the 2nd yellow cards at the end. I think Conte didn’t make an eye contact with Tuchel because Tuchel showed ceremonies of goals right in front of Conte, but Conte also did it haha. I think Tuchel’s worse because he celebarting while acrossing front of Conte. They were fighting like kids totally, and that was funny. Watching someone’s fighting each other always fun!

In my opinion, it would be one of the funnest game in this season. Anyway, Tottenham won 1 game, 1 draw, 4 points, and ranked 4th (3 GD) so far. Chelsea won 1 game, 1 draw, 4 points, and rank 7th (1 GD) so far. Overall, Chelsea overwhelmed Tottenham, but referee’s bad call was lucky to Tottenham.

Do you agree with Taylor ruined the game?

The 2nd yellow (Marca)
Conte’s instagram reacted on Tuchel celebrating acrossing front of Conte

10. Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

1 : 1

This game was another one with a shocked result in the week. Everyone was expecting that Liverpool would beat up Crystal Palace, but it won’t happen. This is why EPL is the most funnest football league. There are a lot of variables in EPL like low ranked clubs did well against high ranked clubs. Both clubs scored 1 goal each. Crystal’s star attacker, Wilfried Zaha scored the first goal at 32 minutes and Liverpool’s winger Luis Diaz scored the 2nd goal at 61 minutes. Diaz’s goal was wonderful. I bet it would be in a list of the FIFA Goal of The Year. You should watch it.

Anyway, the goal was made after Darwin Nunez got a direct red card. Yeah, Nunez with $85m got the red card at 57 minutes. He was very mad at himself first of all because he was definitely playing bad. Crystal’s defender, Joachim Andersen got on his nerves, and Nunez couldn’t hold it and head-butt on him. Nunez had to hold down his mad emotion… Yeah, it was his big mistake. A fun fact was after Nunez was sent out, Liverpool’s attacking was becoming more smooth. Nunez was a suppressor in the game. I wonder how Klopp will deal with him. Klopp is expecting Nunez succefully replacing Mane’s position, but it seems not working so far.

Anyway, with the Diaz’s super goal, Liverpool was survived from the losing game. Zaha could score more goals, but he missed it. He scored the first goal, but he missed too many big chances. It was very lucky to Liverpool. In results, Crystal Palace lost 1 game, 1 draw, 1 point, and ranked 16th so far. Liverpool drawed 2 games, 2 points, and ranked 12th so far. Not a good starting of Liverpool. Liverpool needs to sign more midfielders in this season in my opinion. Thiago is always in injuries, Henderson is too old now, and other midfielder’s quality is not good enough to be in the first team squad of Liverpool.

Do you agree with Nunez definitely had to get a red card? or yellow card?

Nunez headbutt on Andersen (Daily Star)

Source: Google

I hope you enjoyed my 2nd week of EPL summerization. I will come with 3nd week of EPL.

Thank you for reading:)


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I was thrilled by the Chelsea-Tottenham match. Great, compelling soccer…and a near-fight with the managers. I know Nottingham Forest brought in a bunch of help so I wasn’t too surprised by the win at home over West Ham. I thought Crystal Palace lost a huge opportunity in not leaving Liverpool with 3 points. Finally, as a fairly new Bournemouth fan, I knew City would deal them a loss, but was hoping it wasn’t as bad as it turned out to be!

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