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Today, I wanted to share with you about Tottenham football player, Kulusevski. He is doing super super well in EPL, Tottenham. No one expected it because he actually failed in the former club, Juventus. When he moved to Tottenham, every Juventus’ fans said Tottenham is soft tough because they were signing useless players including another Tottenham player, Rodrigo Bentancur from Juventus. Kulusevski was even worse than Bentancur in Tottenham, so Tottenham signed Kulusevski on a loan contract because they didn’t sure how he plays in the team. However, Kulusevski has been actually playing much better than Bentancur so far. Bentacur is also doing great, but not as much as Kulusevski. He has been playing in EPL since Jan 2022, and scored 3 goals and 8 assists. It is ranked 5th on most productive players in 2022 in EPL after Kane, Son, De Bruyne, and Bowen. The fun fact is only the three Tottenham players are ranked in the top 10. I think they would be the best combination attackers after Mane, Salah, and Firmino from Liverpool. Tottenham scored 30 goals in the 2022 which was the highest scored team. Kulusevski is a big part of it! He is be called the 2nd Zlantan Ibrahimovic in Sweden. He was the player of the match in the first match on this season. Now, let me share how he lived his life in the past. I hope you enjoy it:) Let’s get it!!

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Source: Tottenham’s Twiter

Dejan Kulusevski, Swedish football player, 22 year-old, plays as a winger or midfielder. He is playing as a right winger in Tottenham most time because his preferred foot is left. He can still use his right foot, but it is not great as much as left foot. Anyway, he was born in the capital and largest city in Sweden, Stockholm and joined the youth academy of IF Brommapojkarna at the age of six. He joined Serie A football club, the Atalanta youth system at the age of 16 year-old from Brommapojkarna. He made his Serie A debut on Jan, 2019 at the age of 19, and a total of three appearances for the club throughout the 2018-19 season as a substitute.

Kulusevski in Brommapojkarna. Source: Twitter
In Atalanta. Source: Twitter

On July 2019, he signed to another Serie A club, Parma on loan until June 2020. He scored his first Serie A goal against Torino, on September. He made 17 appearances, 4 goals, and 7 assists in the 2019-2020 season. Yeah, he did very well at that age, so Juventus was impressived by him so they signed on a 4 year deal for $35m with him. Kulusevski was sent back on loan to Parma for the remainder of the season and finished the season with 10 goals and nine assists. He was awarded the Serie A Best Young Player for the season.

Kulusevski in Parma. Source: WIKIODIN

Kulusevski scored on his Juventus debut on September 2020 against Sampdoria. He made 35 appearances, 4 goals, and 3 assists in the 2020-21 season. His playing time was reduced under the new manager, Massimiliano Allegri, making 20 appearances and scoring 1 goal and 3 assists. The reason why was Juventus liked defense first and counterattack. For counterattacking, attackers must generally be fast, but Kulusevski is not a fast player. There was a much faster player, Federico Chiesa as a right winger in Juventus. Kulusevski was the second option after Chisea. Another reason was the manager expected him to play in different roles such as a second striker, attacking midfielder, right winger, midfielders, etc. He got confused and depressed with it, and in result, a bad performance in the season.

Kulusevski in Juventus. Source: 90MIN
Kulusevski’s position in the season 2020-21. Source: The Athletic

Tottenham signed Kulusevski with Bentancur on an 18 monthes loan with a buying option on Jan 2022. Juventus allowed it because they just purchased Vlahovic and Zakaria with a big fee, so Kulusevski was a wasting player in the team. The sign was a key player in the season for Tottenham. The team had to purchase him if the team qualified for the Champions League, and they would definitely purchase him even though they wouldn’t qualify for the Champions. The fee would be about $45m and they decided to purchase him on the next season because Tottenham wanted to purchase other players first in this season. The team have to purchase him anyway by the next season.

Source: Sofifa
Source: Sofifa

His strengths are crossing, dribbling, ball control, vision, and physical. Many players who joining from other leagues are struggling with physical in the Premier League because EPL has the toughest and fastest league. However, Kulusevski is doing really great in that league! He also has a great sprint speed, but takes some time to reach the speed. That’s why the Juventus’s manager didn’t want him because he was not a great option for counter attacking. A fun fact is Tottenham also likes counter attacking, but he is doing very well in Tottenham. You wonder why. The key is Conte. Conte places Kulusevski on high position when they start counter attacking so he doesn’t need to sprint. Son Heung Min is actually dribbling a ball and pass it to Kane or Kulusevski from middle position. Yeah, I love Conte!!! That’s why Conte is being called a master of football manager.

I hope Kulusevski, Son, and Kane combination will win trophies like Mane, Salah, and Firmino.

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