[TRANSFER NEWS] Timo Werner going back to the former team!

Timo Werner, Germany football player, 26-year-old, a striker in Chelsea, agreed a permanent deal with the former team, Germany football league, RB Leipzig.

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Werner agreed to sign for Chelsea on June 18, 2020, with $47.5m, a five-year contract. Chelsea signed him because his performance in Bundesliga was unbelievable. He made 127 appearances and 78 goals through out the 2016~20 seasons. He scored 28 goals the last season in Bundesliga, right before he signed with Chelsea. It was ranked the second most scored after Lewandowski on the 2020 seaon. However, he made 56 appearances and 10 goals from the 2020 to 2022 season in the Premier League. Only 10 goals as a striker!!! He was awful. Yes, everyone knows that EPL is much harder league, but he still did awful haha.

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His play style is hard-working, energetic, and fast. He likes linking-up with midfielder and take a well position to score. However, his final finish in EPL was really awful. His big chances missed was 17 comparing other chelsea’s strikers, 4 of Abraham and 5 of Giroud, was pretty bad. Of course, his chances created was high, but he is a striker! His priority is finishing. Moreoever, Giround and Abraham even played very bad on the season, so the manager, Lampard trusted Werner and he betrayed the manager:(

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On the last season, Werner said “Lampard won’t be fired if I did better…” during an interview. Yes, he is kind, but one of the worst striker in Chelsea. I hope he play with full of joy in the former team.

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