[FOOTBALL NEWS] The Premier League’s new 5 rules that you have to beware of in the 2022-23 season!

The season 2022-23 of the Premier League has already started today with Arsenal vs Crystal Palace. When the last season was over on June, I thought “Man~ how can I wait until the next season!!! My life would be such a boring:(“. However, it has come already!! I am so exciting to watch it.

Anyway, there are a couple of rules changed in this new season. You can enjoy the season even more if you beware of those changed rules. Let’s check it out with me!!

1. Substitutions are increased from 3 players to 5 players.

Source: FanNationFutbol
  • However, managers must make their five changes in three separate to avoid further disruption to the game.
  • Substitution bench’s numbers are also increased from 7 to 9 since the substituions limt has been increased.

2. Multiball system

Source: Premier League
  • Placing 10 additional balls outside of a football field, so they can proceed a game faster and more smooth.
  • They bring it because picking a ball back to the field delayes a game after the ball goes out some reasons.
  • Therefore, they are going to place the additional balls right out side of the field, and players can easilly pick it up if the ball goes out of the field lines.

3. Goalkeeper’s position during a penalty kit.

Source: Premier League
  • The previous rule related the penalty kit was a goalkeeper’s foot has to be stepped on the goal line.
  • The main purpose of this rule was “Don’t step upper than the goal line”, but people assumed this, “oalkeepers should not be behind the goal line.”
  • Therefore, refrees made a new rule that goalkeepers can be behind the goal line.

4. Winter break on 11/13 ~ 12/26

Source: THE WEEK
  • The Premier League usually didn’t have a winter break at all.
  • However, there are internation World Cup games this year.
  • Therefore, they are forced to take the winter break.
  • The season will be continued right away on 12/27.

5. Offside regulation has been revised

Source: Premier League
  • In the last season’s Nations League, Kylian Mbappe was in an offside postion when a ball was initially played, but defender Eric Garcia stretched out to block the ball. The ball went to Mbappe and scored. This score led to winner for France against Spain. If a France player got hit and the ball went to Mbappe, it would be definitely offside. If the ball got hit by a player accidentally and it went to against players who is in an offside, then it would be offside in this season. They are going to see intentionality of the player who hit the ball.
  • The Premier League would also be called this offside in this season.

I hope you enjoy this season. I wish Tottenham brings a trophy this season. Let’s go Tottenham!!!!

Thank you for reading:)

Source: Premier Leauge’s official website


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