[Player Info] Best Defending Midfielder in the future, Yves Bissouma

Bissouma was a 3rd transfered player to Tottenham Hotspur in this summer. The first and second was Ivan Perisic and Fraser Forster. We have already reviewed Ivan Perisic’s information and I will also review Forster in the future. Please looking foward to reading it. This time I want to take information of Yves Bissouma. I couldn’t still believe he signed with Tottenham because he has one of the best potential as a defending midfielder after N’Golo Kante. I hope you enjoy it:) Let’s get it!

Bissouma at Mali

Bissouma, 25-year-old, was born in Aug 30, 1996 and Issia, Ivory Coast, Cote d’Ivoire. However, he represents Mali national team because he, age of 13, trained at Jean-Marc Guillou Academy in Bamako, Mali, and was adapted there very well I think he likes the country better now. Anyway, he actually started training at an academy partnered with Majestic SC academy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, but moved to Jean-Marc Guillou Acedemy because he wanted to face challenges that would make him stronger which it worked. It was difficult to live without his family, but a trigger making him stronger. At age 18, he joined AS Real Bamako, Mali. He got impressived from French club, Ligue 1, Lille OSC, and signed a 3-year deal on July 7, 2016.

Mali is pretty close to Ivory Coast, Cote d’Ivoire
Bissouma at the Mali Academy

Bissouma signed with Premier League, Brighton & Hove Albion for a free agent, a five-year contract on July 17, 2018. He made his debut as a substitute on the opening day of the 2018-19 Premier League season in a 2-0 away loss to Watford. He scored his first goal on the last day of the 2019-20 season with a long-range shot in a 2-1 away win against Burnley. He got the first red card against Newcastle in their second league match of the 2021-21 season. He made 112 appearances, 3 goals, 2 assists, 27 yellow cards, and 1 red card during the 2018-22 season. Since he plays as a defending midfielder, his goal and assist stats are not that important. Since he had only one year with Brighton, Tottenham signed for only $25m. It is really cheap for him. His trasnfer market value is about $40m currently. If he maintains his performance at Tottenham, his price would be up to $80m. Therefore, Tottenham was very lucky.

Bissouma at Brighton
Bissouma signing with Tottenham

Anyway, one of his fun fact was a big fan of Arsenal, the biggest rival club of Tottenham. His agent posted on Instagram a picture of Bissouma’s room that two of Arsenal’s shirts sitting on his bed on 2021. Bissouma also posted on Instagram a picture of he reading a book and an Arsenal’s shirt sitting on a table on 2021. Arsenal fans were expecting him to move to Arsenal who would replace Thomas Partey. He really proved his true love on Arsenal.

Bissouma’s Agent Instagram
Bissouma’s Instagram

However, on the 2018-19 season, Brighton againsted Arsenal and they draw. If Arsenal win the game, then they will participate the UEFA Champions League. The thing was after end of the game, the broadcast caught that Bissouma was laughing hard at Arsenal’s players haha. He made excuses that he didn’t laugh at Arsenal, but it was very exquite. Anyway, he has joined Tottenham instead of Arsenal now because Tottenham’s agent worked better.

Football Daily’s Twitter; Bissouma laughing at Arsenal

His strengths are dribbling, short passing, interceptions, and standing tackle. He is great at defending. He was also named the best tackle completion % of Premier League, Midfielders on the 2021-22 season. The second was Kante. He did better than Kante, Declan Rice, and Rodri the last season and signed with Tottenham for only $25m. What a unbelievable haha. His playing style is pretty similar as Kante. He can keep a ball and pass it to attackers very well. He will a key player on back side build-up. His another benefit is playing in the Mali Internation team. Unfortunately, the Mali team is not great, so he barely has a chance to participate the World Cup with the team. In this 2022-23 season, there is the world cup matches between the Premier League’s matches. Many players had having injury issues after back from the internation matches. Bissouma would never worry about it. It is a sad fact, but a benefit to Tottenham. I bet he is the best transfer to Tottenham in this summer.

Bissouma’s FIFA22 Stats
Bissouma’s FIFA22 Stats

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