[Recipe] Korean Elvan Stone Egg!

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Today, I want to share a recipe of Korean Elvan Stone Egg (called 맥반석 계란 in Korean). It is also called roasted eggs. It is made with machines now days in Korea because the elvan stone is expensive and takes longer cooking time. It was roasted by Elvan Stone at first time so it was called Elvan Stone Egg. It is chewy and no eggy smell comparing a regular boiled egg. Korean people usually eat it in spa with Korean Rice Drink (called 식혜 in Korea).

The eggs are brown color. If you heat eggs over 340°F, then glucose of egg white reacts with amino from protein inside eggs, results becoming brown color instead of white color. It is cooked in environment that contains less oxigen, so egg white loses moisture and result less size of eggs and chewy.

Let’s get started!


Pressure Rice Cooker (It is dangerous so know how to use it properly)

16 Eggs (I recommend you using medium size of eggs)

1 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp any vinegar (Vinegar will reduce the eggy smell)

200ml of water

It seems very simple, right~? By the way, you must have the pressure rice cooker to make the eggs. If you have an electronic pressure rice cooker, it would be faster and easier.

Electronic Pressure Rice Cooker


1. Make eggs room temperature if it was refriegarted or it would be cracker very easily. I usually put eggs in room temperature of water so cool it down faster.

Eggs in the room temperature of water
Rice Cooker with eggs
Inside of the Pressure Rice Cooker

2. Pour in 200ml of water in the pressure rice cooker.

Pour water in the cooker

3. Add 1 tbsp of salt and vinegar, and mix

1 tbsp of salt
1 tbsp of vinegar

4. Add eggs to the mixture.

5. Close the lid and place on high heat for about 12 min.

On the high heat

6. After about 12 min, steam will be coming out, then reduce the heat to low. Leave it for about 1 hour.

Steam coming out

7. After 1 hour of low heat, don’t open it yet. It would be exploded like a bomb. Just leave it for one hour, until the steam comes out completely.

8. Then, open it. (I had one cracked egg. I didn’t cool it down completely haha)

9. Serve with Ketchup or salt.

Beutiful brownish egg
Cutting egg in half
Served with Ketchup and salt

If you use the electrionic rice cooker, then you will just add water, salt, vinegar, and eggs. Cook it as white rice. That is all! It would be much easier and faster.

I will share more Korean foods recipes next time.

Thank you for reading!


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