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There was a lot of transfer news strongly anounced last week that Kim Min Jae will join Franch Club, Stade Ren. However, Napoli didn’t give up on signing with him. Napoli was seemed not going to sign Kim Min Jae because they had Kalidou Koulibaly. Since Koulibaly will join Chelsea soon, they need another centre-back who can cover him. Kim Min Jae is a great option and he was even cheap. Therefore, they tried hard to sign him. Finally, Napoli will have him sign on a three-year contract, plus a two-year extension option. I am so glad that another football player will play in the big 5 Football League. By the way, the big 5 are England, Spain, France, Italia, and German. Now, I am curious a history of Napoli. Let’s get it!

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Napoli’s full name is Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli. It is an Italian professional football club based in Naples, Campania that plays in Serie A. Napoli have won two Serie A titles, six Coppa Italia titles, two SuperCoppa Italiana titles, and one UEFA Cup. The club was founded as Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club in 1905 by English sailor William Poths and his associate Hector M. Bayon. Under the presidency of Giorgio Ascarelli, Internaples changed its name to Associazione Calcio Napoli on August 25, 1926. Diego Maradona who is one of the best football player in history, was playing in this club. He helped the club to win a several trophies. During this period, Napoli won their sole league titles in 1987 and 1990. After Diego Maradona passed away in November 25,2020, Napoli has changed You can see how his impact to them was. He was a hero in Napoli.

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Napoli have the fourth largest fan base in Italy. The largest club is Juventus FC, the second is AC Milan, the third is Inter Milan in the Italian club. They were also ranked as the fifth highest-earning football club in Serie A, with $182 million in revenue during the 2017-18 season. The highest-earning football club was Juventus, the second was AS Roma, the third was AC Milan, and the forth was AC Milan in the Italian club. Since 1959, Napoli’s rivals are AC Roma, Juventus, and Palermo.

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The manager, William Garbutt was joined in 1929 and Napoli entered the Serie A under his management. However, the World War II gave a bad influence to the club, and Napoli went into decline. In results, Napoli was relegated to Serie B in 1942. They moved their stadium and remained in Serie B until after the war. The club came back to Serie A in the start of the 1950s.

As the club changed their club’s name to Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli on June 25, 1964, they began to rise up again. The manager was Bruno Pesaola at that time who was a former player. They won the Coppa delle Alpi and were back to the top five of the Serie A. They was about to winning the league in 1967-68, but Milan was stronger than them.

Napoli signed Diego Maradona from Barcelona in $1.2 millon which was the highest world transfer record at that time on June 30, 1984. The squad was gradually re-built and won the double, the league and Coppa Italia. They continued decline and came back to Serie A becuase of financially and on the field. The 2021-22 season was the 76th season and 14th consecutive season in the top flight of Italian football league. Napoli participated the Coppa Italia and the UEFA Europa League in the season. Napoli ranked 3rd in the season so they will participate the Champions League. One of interesting fact is one of their sponsors is Amazon.

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Another Napoli’s star player is Marek Hamsik. Hamsik is a Slovak professional football player who plays as an attacking midfielder. He is holding Napoli’s official appearance record, having made 520. His goal scoring was 148 from 2007 to 2019.

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I am pretty sure Kim Min Jae will be in the first team of Napoli. There are a couple of other centre-backs, but Napoli wants to sign a player who can cover Koulibaly. Therefore, Kim Min Jae will play in the first team. I hope he will be adapted well and move to bigger teams. Napoli is still a big team in the world. They are currently ranked 21th. However, Kim Min Jae has a wonderful potential to grow more as much as Virgil Van Dijk. Kim Min Jae is being called Korean Van Dijk. The next seasone will be his first appearance in the Champions League and if he plays well, then he will move a bigger football league like Premier League. I hope he will play in Premier League in the soon future.

Source: Napoli Lineup in the 2021-22 season

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김민재 선수가 나폴리로 이적할거라는 뉴스가 쏟아져나오고 있다. 이미 합의는 완료 되었고 매디컬 채크와 오피셜만이 남아있다. 원래는 스타드 렌으로 이적할거라는 뉴스가 지배적이였지만 나폴리의 적극적인 합의로 인해 나폴리로 이적하기로 결정한거 같다. 그리고 나폴리는 다음 시즌에 챔피언스리그에 나가고 스타드 렌은 유로파 리그에 나가기 때문에 이것 또한 큰 이유였던 것으로 보인다. 나같아도 유로파 리그 보단 챔피언스리그에 나가고 싶었을 것이다. 김민재 선수의 전 클럽인 페네르바흐체 또한 챔피언스 리그에 나가기 때문에 스타드 렌은 흥미가 떨어졌을 것이다.

나폴리는 쿨리발리가 첼시로 이적하면서 그 자리를 커버할 선수를 찾고 있었고 김민재 선수는 싼값으로 커버할 좋은 옵션으로 보였고 결국 영입하였다. 김민재 선수는 당연히 주전으로 뛸 것으로 보이고 나폴리에서 적응 잘 해서 EPL에서 뛰는 모습도 꼭 보고 싶다!

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