[DONE DEAL] Oleksandr Zinchenko will join Arsenal the next season!

The Ukrainian has signed a contract on a four-year deal of Arsenal with 38 million dollars. He can play as a left full back and defense mid fielder. He usually play as a mid fielder on the internation club and a full back on the Mancherster City. He can definately cover both positions.

Arsenal was also looking for a player who can play the both position since Tavares and Cedric couldn’t cover Tierney when Tierney got injuries. Tavares and Cedric showed a terrible performance the last season. I don’t think Mikel Arteta, a manager of Arsenal willing to use them again. Xhaka also always has a potential of red cards. They needed a cover for them. I believe it would be a great signing for the player and the team!

Zinchenko was mostly warming the bench in the Mancherster City because their squad is too strong. Left full back, Joao Cancelo has almost never gotten injuries or bad performance. The Man City also bought Kalvin Philips from Leeds United this year. It could be very difficult to Zinchenko to play in the Man City. Tierney would be the first choice in the Arsenal, but he always gets injuries every season. Chances will come to Zinchenko for sure.

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Source: Transfer News Live

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