Raheem Sterling will join Chelsea!

Raheem Sterling have already signed a contract to join Chelsea in the next season for 56 millon dollars. The England player lifted four Premier League titles, but he decided to join Chelsea instead because he wants to win the Champions League. Chelsea just won the Champions League on 2020~21 season. Sterling is expecting to lift a tropy of the Champions.

However, I don’t think he is a great option for strikers. He is still a good dribbler as a winger, but he doesn’t have a good decisiveness. The weakest point of Chelsea is they don’t have a player with good decisiveness. Since Lukaku even moved to Intern on the next season, Chelsea really needs a great striker. Sterling appeared 320 games, 109 goals, and 56 assists so far in the Premier League. Total 165 attacting points. This is still a great stat for winger, but his shooting accuracy is 41% and big chances missed is 98. Comparing with Son Heung Min who is playing as a winger mostly, appeared 232 games, 93 goals, and 46 assists. Total 139 attacting points. His shooting accuracy was 46% and big chances missed was only 54 times. Both players are playing in left wing in most time. About 90 games make difference, but only 26 attacting difference.

I don’t deny he is a great player. I would say he is one of the top wingers in the EPL including Son Heung Min and Salah. What I am trying to say is he is not a good striker. Chelsea willing to buy another striker in this season since baby Lukaku went back to Inter.

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