[Player Info] Clement Lenglet

Let’s get to know of Clement Lenglet this time since he will join Totthenham Hotspur from the next season on a loan for a year from Barcelona, La Liga.

He is a left foot centre-back player. His full name is Clement Nicolas Laurent Lenglet. He was born in Beauvais, Oise, France in June 17, 1995. He started his career in Nancy in Ligue 2. He debuted on Sep 27, 2013. He made 34 appearances over the 2015-16 season and Nancy won the second-division title. He made 18 appearances in Ligue 1 of the 2016-17 season.

He moved to La Liga, Sevilla during the winter transfer season of the 2016-17. He signed with them until 2021. Barcelona was impressived his passing strength and attacking as a centre-back so they buy Leglet on July 12, 2018. He did very well on short passes so he was helpful on linking. His passing succeful rate was 91% in La Liga. It is incredible. However, he made a lot of mistakes on defensing. Since he is slow, but he always go up to join attack and he made a lot of forced fouls to stop against attacking. He received his 3rd red card in just his 40th game, becoming the fasted player in the club’s history to reach 3 La Liga red cards. He received 5 red cards so far. He also gave to the against teams too many great chances by the forced fouls. He is also very weak on colliding in mid-air. Overall, he is just a ball playing defense. I thought why he doesn’t play a striker or play midfider haha while I was reseaching on him. By the way, he got positive for COVID-19 on Dec, 2021. It effected his form pretty badly. After that, he just kept warming the bench. His market price on Jan, 2021 was 55 million dollars which was the highest over his time, but it decreased up to 21 million dollars these days. He was the biggest market value losers in 2021 in the world (@Transfermarkt). Pjanic was the second and Hazard was the third.


Anyway, he arrived London on July 5, 2022 to finish the contract with Tottenham. The Tottenham manager, Conte, was looking for a left foot centre-back to replace Davis, and I am for sure he was not the first target. His first target was Alessandro Bastoni, Pau Torres, and Josko Gvardiol. They were unfortunately able to join Tottenham on the next season. Lenglet was the next target and succefully joined the team. Conte doesn’t think Lenglet can replace Davis so he just made one year loan without any buy options. I am pretty sure Conte will try to buy the first targets one year later. I really recommend buying a centre-back with faster than Dier because Lenglet is slow. They need a defense who can cover his back. Dier is also slow so it would be tough for him to cover Lenglet.

However, one advantage of him is Barcelona’s defense line was very high. Tottenham’s defense line is very low because Conte’s team style is counterattack football. It means Lenglet will get narrow range to defense. Totthenham might be more suitable than Barcelona. I hope he will show a great performance in EPL and be part of winning tropy of the season in Tottenham.

Source: FIFA22
Source: FIFA22

As you can see the stats above from the FIFA22, his ball control and short passing stats are good comparing with other centre-backs. His positioning and vision is really bad. He will be in trouble while he is covering his defense area.

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